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Shipping industry
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Shipping industry
Twin-screw pump W series, twin-screw pump V series, twin-screw pump HPW series, twin-screw pump HW series: as a cargo pump on a oil tanker, it is used to transport oil of various viscosities, and refined petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, fuel oil, heavy oil, asphalt, etc. It is used to transport palm oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil and other edible oils of various viscosities. It is used to transport various acid and alkaline chemical liquids.
Three-screw pump SN series, three-screw pump SM series, three-screw pump 3G series, three-screw pump SPF series: used to transport fuel and lubricating oil on ships.
Single screw pump EH series, single screw pump G--N series, single screw pump G series: used as bilge pumps on ships to transport liquids containing solid particles and solid fibers.
EMC series centrifugal pumps, ESC series centrifugal pumps, EMD series centrifugal pumps, ESD series centrifugal pumps, EHC series centrifugal pumps, EHS series centrifugal pumps, TMS series centrifugal pumps, TMC series centrifugal pumps, VS series centrifugal pumps, VS-S series centrifugal pumps: Used on ships to transport seawater and fresh water, as main engine cooling pumps, air conditioning cooling pumps, seawater cooling, ballasting, ballast pumps, firefighting pumps, fire and general service pumps, sanitary pumps, tap water pumps, etc.
Gear pump NHG series, gear pump NHGH series, gear pump KCB series: used to transport fuel and lubricating oil on ships.