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Tianjin pumps, the biggest and advanced screw pump manufacturer in China, was established in October, 1956. It is the birthplace of Chinese first Screw pump, Marine centrifugal pump. It is also a professional manufacturer with the largest scale, most complete varieties and most powerful R&D, manufacture and inspection capacity in screw pump industry of China.

Tianjin pumps are best sold domestic and over sea, as a well-known manufacturer in the domestic screw pump industry. The main products include Single screw pump, Twin screw pump, Triple screw pump, Marine centrifugal pump and Gear pump. Among those, Single screw pumps and Twin Screw pump are imported from Bornemann Germany in 1994 and produced under Bornemann Licence. Triple Screw pumps are imported from Allweiler Germany in 1986 and produced under Allweiler Licence. Marine centrifugal pumps and gear pumps are imported from Taiko Kikai Japan and produced under Taiko Kikai Licence. The products are completely interchangeable from Bornemann  pump, Allweiler pump, Taiko Kikai pump not only pump set but also parts.

our self-developed screw pumps, centrifugal pumps and gear pumps, have won state-level new product awards, innovation outstanding achievement awards and technological progress awards for several times. With product R&D ability ahead in the country, our company is the chairman unit of National Screw Pump Industry Professional and Technical Committee and the products are widely used in national defense, shipping, energy, petrochemical, metallurgy, lubrication, environmental protection, food and other fields.